• Supports Automatic Payments via WooCommerce Stripe (requires WC official Stripe plugin)
  • Supports Fixed Price and Fixed Date for Payment Plans
  • Supports Automatic and Manual Payments Reminders before Payment Due Date via Email
  • Supports Separate Emails for Deposits
  • Supports Deposits for Guest Users
  • Site Admin can Schedule Payment using Years/Months/Weeks/Days for Payment Plans
  • Customers placed Deposits are listed under Separate Menu(under WooCommerce) in Backend
  • Each Customer placed Deposits can be viewed on their Account page under Separate Menu called Deposits
  • Site Admin can also Track their Customers placed Deposit Orders via WC Orders List Table Column
  • Customers can apply WC Coupons for the Whole Order not just Initial Amount
  • Option for Site admin to Disable Deposits by User Role(s)
  • Option for Site Admin to Allow Coupon usage in Cart/Checkout
  • Option for Site Admin to Allow Mixed Checkout
  • Option for Site Admin to Force Signup during Checkout for Guest Users
  • Option for Site Admin to Grant Download Access either after Initial Payment/Final Payment for Deposit Products
  • Option for Site Admin to Turn Off Automatic Payments
  • Separate Admin Notes(similar to WC Order notes) will be Added for Every Deposits Activity in Edit Deposit page
  • Site admin can Configure Multiple Payment Plans for Product
  • Supports both Simple and Variable(Variation Level) for Products

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