Enhancements for WooCommerce Points and Rewards

This plugin offers additional features to WooCommerce Points and Rewards such as import points, points expiry reminder email, user role earning limit, products bulk update, points earning and redeeming restrictions etc.

Why use this extension?

In WooCommerce Points and Rewards there are some limitations which are listed below,

  • Due to lack of points importing, site admin has to manually add or modify points to the individual users which consumes more time for them in case of high volume stores.
  • Customers not getting notified before points expire makes them lose their points they have earned so far and also lacks revenue for the site admin.
  • Site admin is not able to add or modify product level settings in bulk which causes more time consuming.
  • Site admin is not able to control points for specific user roles.
  • Customers can use their points to purchase on sale items also they can earn and redeem their points on their same purchase causing lack of revenue for the site admin.

The solution is Enhancements for WooCommerce Points and Rewards.

Please check the plugin walkthrough video below,


  • Site admin can import points from a CSV file to all users instantly with a single click.
  • Customers will be notified by reminder emails which encourages them to use points before it’s about to expire.
  • Site admin can bulk update product level settings via products or categories with a single click.
  • Site admin can increase/limit earning for specific user roles.
  • Site admin can restrict points redemption on cart for any items that are on sale.
  • Site admin can restrict earning when points redemption on order.


  • Handle huge volumes of data efficiently while importing points.
  • Boost the sales by reminding the customers before points expire.
  • Minimizes site admin’s workload by updating products level settings in bulk via products or categories.
  • Easily site admin can add or modify earning limit for specific user roles.
  • Increases site additional revenue by restricting earning when points redemption on order and restricting redemption for on sale items.

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