Exporter for WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Exporter for WooCommerce Points and Rewards helps you to export points logs and customer points to a CSV file with advanced filter options.

Export Point Logs and Customer Points Efficiently

WooCommerce Points and Rewards has no built-in option to export points and rewards data. Site owners don’t have the ability to backup and manage their customer points histories. The solution is Exporter for WooCommerce Points and Rewards.

Exporter for WooCommerce Points and Rewards has advanced filter options which help store owners export the points and rewards data easily in .CSV format. Store owners also have an option to export data based upon individual customer’s actions and their available points. For high-volume stores, Exporter for WooCommerce Points and Rewards ensures no bottlenecks when exporting points and rewards data.

Please check the plugin walkthrough video below,


  • Export your points log and customer points in .CSV format
  • Export data based on individual customer actions
  • Export data by users or user roles
  • Instant, one-click data exporting

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