WooCommerce Shop Product Description

This plugin comes with a rich set of options to make it really simple and easy to add a product description in shop on your WooCommerce store.

Please check the plugin walkthrough video below,



  • Tooltip for product description
  • Hide description for related products
  • Hide description for upsell products
  • Hide description for cross-sell products
  • Hide description when product is out of stock
  • Exclude user roles
  • Product level restriction
  • Product category level restriction
  • Product tag level restriction
  • Added shortcode to display the product description anywhere
  • Added multiple positions to display the product description
  • Display in shop, category and other listing pages


  • Easy to use.
  • Add catchy information about the product.
  • Encourages visitors’ attention.
  • Improves WordPress SEO.
  • Reduces bounce rate.

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