WooCommerce Ultimate Refunds

Satisfy Customers with an Easy Refund System

The WooCommerce Ultimate Refunds extension allow customers to request refunds from their My Account pages.

They can return all products or individual products for a full or partial refund. Ultimate Refunds also help store owners easily track and initiate refunds efficiently.

Why do you need Ultimate Refunds?

WooCommerce doesn’t have a refund request form for customers, customers cannot request a refund for a single item in an order, and admins can’t easily track customer refunds. The solution is Ultimate Refunds.

Please check the plugin walkthrough video below,


  • Customers can track all their refund requests submitted under a separate menu on their account page.
  • Customers can request a refund for full order or for specific products in an order.
  • Customers can have the conversation directly on their account page with the Site Admin.
  • Customers are notified via email regarding their refund requests.
  • Site Admins can restrict customers to a minimum order amount for refunds.
  • Site Admins can restrict refunds to specific user roles.
  • Site Admins can manage all refund requests in one place.
  • Site Admins will be notified via email immediately when a customer requests a refund.
  • Site Admins can offer WC coupons as a credit for refund requests.
  • Site Admins can customize refund reasons.
  • Taxes can be optionally refunded for partial refunds.
  • Supports automatic refunds.
  • Items can be optionally restocked for automatic refunds.


  • Easy to track and manage all the refund requests in a single place.
  • Customers are able to request a refund for individual products in an order.
  • Customers are able to get their refunds instantly.
  • Lowers admin workload
  • Increases customer satisfaction

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